Micro Footie Rules

  1. Micro Footie is played with 5 players and a goalie on a field approximately 25 m x 45 m.
  2. In Micro Footie we do not keep score! The focus is to have fun and improve skills.
  3. There are no offsides in Micro Footie.
  4. The goaltender can use his/her hands up to ten feet away from the goal line and four to five feet to either side. Before the game starts the referee should go over the boundaries with each team’s goaltender to assure that during the game there is no confusion regarding where hand balls can or cannot be used.
  5. Throw-ins are used when the soccer ball goes over the sideline.
  6. All free kicks are direct.
  7. Corner kicks are used at the corner of the field when the soccer ball goes over the touch line by the defending team.
  8. Goal kicks are used when the soccer ball goes over the touch line by the opposing team. A goal kick is a dead ball placed approximately six feet from the touchline.
  9. A penalty shot is used when the defending team intentionally hands the ball or deliberately impedes (fouls) a player as he/she is going for a goal. Similar to ice hockey, penalty shots have a player versus goalie scenario set up in a breakaway style format. The penalty is taken from the half way line of the micro soccer field. In a penalty shot, rebounds are not allowed. If a goal is not scored, play is restarted with a goal kick by the defending team.
  10. If a team is winning by 3 or more goals, coaches can add a player to the field. At 6 or more goals another player can be added.
  11. Changing on the fly is allowed. However, changing lines during throw-ins, goal kicks, or corners is preferred. If a team has too many players on the field, the opposing team will be awarded a penalty shot.
  12. For Advanced and Super Advanced divisions only: After a save is made goalies must throw the ball to resume play, no half or full volley clearances.
  13. Coaches are not permitted on the Micro Field during games (except Beginners!)
  14. After each goal, play resumes from the half way line.
  15. At half time teams change ends/sides.
  16. Finish game with handshake.
  17. Score is recorded by the referees (coaches are advised to keep score as well in case of error)
  18. Game lengths are halved (30mins), with teams switching sides at half time (after 15mins). Note: there is no 5 minute half time break.
  19. Standings are determined as follows: 3 points are awarded for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. If two or more teams are tied for points at the conclusion of the tournament, standing among them is determined based on goals against.