Micro Footie Shift in 2018

There will be an organizational shift in the 2018 Micro Footie season. Jason Kyle, original MF Founder will be transitioning into taking on the administrative responsibilities of the program. Historically, Britannia Community Centre Recreation Staff have administered, coordinated and delivered the program. In the past, Jason has acted as a Visionary, Trainer of the coaches, Field Supervisor and Advisor. In Jason’s new agreement, he will be responsible for the day to day operation of the program, making up teams, game schedules, updating the website, implementing staff, recruiting and training coaches and referees, responding to day to day enquiries via email and answering all 2018 MF questions.


New 2018 MF Contact Information

The new 2018 Micro Footie contact email to Jason will be info@microfootie.com and the new MF phone line will be 604 336 0091.